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Woodox 4-Way Splitter4-Way Splitter - The WOODOXtm is the first patented tool of its kind on the market. One of the most unique woodsplitting tools available, it quarters a log with remarkable proficiency and ease. This tool eliminates a larger amount of wasted effort and brings a high degree of safety to woodsplitting.

$39.95 (**plus S&H)  


Woodox 3-Way Splitter3-Way Splitter - This tool provides larger split pieces of wood and is ideal for smaller logs.


  $35.95 (**plus S&H)     


 Woodox Log Support Device

Log Support -
Probably the single most important accessory tool a woodsplitter can use. Saves an incredible amount of time and eliminates many dangerous techniques. Excellent device to aid in the making of kindling. More info on use.....


        $4.95 (free S&H)   


Replacement Tip Kit 

                                                     $3.95 (free S&H)  

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The development of the WOODOXtm  was prompted after many arduous hours of splitting wood. The conventional methods using an ax, maul, sledge and wedges are laborious, exhausting and dangerous. Now much of the drudgery can be eliminated by using the revolutionary new WOODOXtm .
The WOODOXtm  is the most unique hand tool of its kind. It will quarter a log with astonishing ease. You may, upon becoming proficient at using this fantastic tool, be able to reduce the time it takes to quarter a log by as much as 66% over similar conventional methods. It is the safest, quickest and easiest method ever invented to manually quarter a log.
Simple to use: Just place the splitter in the middle of the end of a log. Set it by tapping it firmly two or three times with your sledge or maul. Then strike the splitter with a few hearty blows and you will be amazed! You will want to do it again.......and again.......and again!

CAUTION: This tool is made of a hardened metal alloy that has been tested under extreme conditions. It is not indestructible! Whenever using this tool, wear protective eye covering to guard against potential eye injury.
Splitting logs for firewood is manually exerting work. BE SURE YOUR PHYSICAL CONDITION ALLOWS YOU TO SAFELY EXERT YOURSELF. Do not use if you have a history of heart problems, back strains, muscle pulls or similar physical problems.


1.  Make sure your log is as flat as possible on both ends.
2.  Place log on a short chopping block (see instructions below).
3.  The WOODOXtm  is designed to work best on straight grained woods that are freshly cut or slightly aged.*
4.  The WOODOXtm works best on logs under 18" long and a diameter under 18".
5.  Place splitter blades in as many wood cracks as possible.
6.  Place blade between knots whenever possible.
7.  When cutting wood for splitting, cut the large knots out of the tree trunks and limbs. Don't waste time trying to split them. It is a foolish effort! Use your chain saw if they are too big to burn as cut.
8.  Use a minimum eight (8) pound maul or hammer for the striking implement.
9.  Make sure that the face of the striking implement is flat. A rounded head may cause damage to the surface of the splitter.
10. At first, use the WOODOXtm on small logs 6-8" in diameter to develop hand-eye coordination and the ability to hit the WOODOXtm  at its center. Strength and technique will then determine how large a log you will be able to split. Don't underestimate or overestimate your ability. Be realistic!
11. It is as important to hit the WOODOXtm  flatly as it is squarely.
12. If you have more than 3 knots in a log, you did not cut your wood correctly ---- and that's your fault!
13. Make sure the tool is firmly placed onto the log before taking full swings.
14. Never place the WOODOXtm in a core knot or the crotch of a tree that has been cut to log length.


1.  Finish will wear off after use. Keep splitter well oiled or repaint as needed to prevent rust.
2.  The splitter blades should be filed from time to time to keep an adequate edge. They do not have to be razor sharp.
3.  Never store splitter in a high place. It could fall and cause injury or damage.


1.  Never allow anyone to hold the splitter when striking it.
2.  Do not hit flanks of splitter with striking implement.


The use of this device is important for best use of the WOODOXtm  4-way splitter. Simply place the tube provided over either end of the 2-point piece. Place off center in a short chopping block (6-8" high) and pound it into the block until the collar is flush with the wood. Now place all wood on top of the log support device. NOTE: When not splitting wood, for safety turn the chopping block over or place a piece of wood on the point.

WOODOXtm  WOODSMAN warrants this splitter against breakage for a period of one (1) year,
under normal (non-commercial) usage, so long as the above instructions for use have been followed.
Simply return the splitter, prepaid, with proof of purchase to:
655 Schuylkill Road
Phoenixville, PA  19460


A new tool will be sent prepaid.
The tip and log support device are not covered by this warranty.

*We advise not to split elm, gum or sycamore with this tool unless under 12" long!